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About Us...

In 1995, Kathrine Mordente began the hamlet's only dance school in the Anderson Warner Hall in the Methodist Church on Montauk Hwy. in Hampton Bays. Kathrine has been a trained dancer her entire life, being taught by her mother who was a dancer on Broadway in hits such as Li'l Abner and West Side Story. Her mother, Barbara Mordente, has been the director of a successful dance school in Bellport, The Brookhaven School of Dance, for more than 30 years. Through the years, Kathrine has learned and then taught hundreds of students dance technique that they would need to grow in whatever form of dance they chose to study. More than that, she has given her students a love of dance that is not only taught, but shown through her dedication and love of all forms of dance. 

As her student enrollment grew, she moved across the street to a vacant store front in the hamlet green. When she outgrew that, it was on to the location next to Barboy on Bellow's Pond road where she stayed for 10 years. Unfortunately being next to a laundromat proved to be a challenge, as through the years there were many floods from over-flowing washing machines that had to be dealt with! Kathrine dreamed one day of building a brand new studio and all that she would want it to be. Her husband, Simone Scotto, wanted to make her dream a reality and in 2006 plans were drawn up for the new location. 


Kathrine's dream of a brand new, state of the art studio has become a reality. Located in the heart of Hampton Bays, right next to and upstairs from Scotto's, the double wide studio is a bright and airy space with lots of windows, a wood- sprung dance floor, a changing room, bathroom, waiting area for parents and 2 offices. 

The Hampton Bays School of Dance has continued to grow and flourish in Hampton Bays, taking part in community events such as the St. Patrick's Day and Carnival Parade every year, the Centennial Celebration and the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony at the firehouse. The end of the year performances are well known and 

anticipated in the community and are alway very professional and entertaining. Kathrine has had students that have been with her for 12 plus years go on to major and minor in dance at various colleges. The Hampton Bays School of Dance now offers all levels of Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Modern and Hip Hop. Also offered is Playdance for 3 year olds, Intro to Dance for 4 and 5 year olds, and Breakdancing. Through out the year we may also offer special workshops for our students and adults. 

As the school continues to grow, Kathrine still believes that, "Every child's education should include dance". Dance not only strengthens a child physically, it helps build self esteem and challenges them to remember patterns and steps and gives them a sense of accomplishment that is immeasurable. Stop by and see our beautiful studio and ask about our schedule, maybe your child's dream of being a dancer can become a reality.

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